We focus on financial issues uppermost on your mind, and blend our recommendations across a broad range of subjects we believe will help you.  Common topics clients ask about include the following:

Services for Businesses:
• How to attract and retain Key People
• Using your business for Personal Planning
• Business Continuation Planning
• Investment advisors to retirement plans and reserves

Services for Associations:
• Benefits Specifically for Association Executives
• Reserves: How to Start them; How to Manage them
• Benefits for Association Staff; how to attract and retain them
• Investment advisors to association reserves and retirement plans

Services for Families or Individuals:
• Retirement Planning (including IRA's)
• Investments – mutual funds, money management
• Retirement plan distribution planning
• Education 529 Plans
• Risk Management (insurance: life, health, disability, long term care, annuities)
• Estate Planning – information on wills, trusts, powers
• Saving Income Taxes

We bet right now some of these are on your mind.  When any financial question is on your or your friend's mind, We'll be there for you. Call us or click here and we'll be happy to confidentially discuss your circumstances and opportunities.